Get Listed

Want some help marketing and advertising your Ottawa business locally?

It’s simple really, plus it’s also very affordable.
We simply charge an administration fee of $25 to add/review your listing.

Submitting an article

Do you have an article about an event, about a business, or about Ottawa related news? You can submit it to us. We will review your article but submission does not guarantee a listing even if you pay the $25 admin fee (We will provide a response). We require that articles:

  • Be well written without spelling or grammatical errors
  • Be submitted with photography or video
  • Be unique and unpublished anywhere else on the web
  • Must not be strictly to advertise a business

If you would like a contributing partner to write your article, and provide photography or video, please feel free to review our contributor partner list. You can review their previous articles, their style of  writing and how much they would charge for writing an article for you. Articles written by contributors have a higher likelihood of being accepted for listing.

Adding Your Business or Event to an Article

We have a Best Of and an Events Guide in Entertainment Ottawa. If you feel that you would like ADD yourself to an existing article… perhaps The Best Burgers or The Best Donuts… you can request a review. You may be required to demonstrate why you should be added. When contacting us, please provide your name, your business name, your category of business, the article in question and why you should be added to our list.  We look forward to hearing from you.