Amazing Ottawa 150-year 2017 Must-See Activities

As Canada celebrates its 150-year anniversary, there are a number of amazing activities that you must see and engage with in order to get into the full spirit of the festivities. There is much more to Ottawa than its wide range of dining and shopping options, there are plentiful outdoor activities in the wonderful region that will amaze you.

While some of these activities may have already sold out on their tickets, it is still nice for you to learn about them. If you are looking for the best things to do, here are some amazing Ottawa 150-year 2017 must-see activities:

Red Bull Global RallyCross

In June 2017, Red Bull Global Rallycross will be happening live in Ottawa for the very first time. This will involve a two-day race event from the 17-18th of June and 16 drivers will be racing with 600-horsepower supercars proudly built by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Canada was chosen as a host for this year’s event in order to commemorate the 150th-anniversary celebration. This is one event you shouldn’t miss as you may never be that close to such an amazing race. There will be grandstands for spectators on the dirt section from the start to finish.

Sugar Lumberfest

On April 8th, 2017 as part of the Ignite 150 celebration, you can let your sweet tooth on the loose as you participate in an all-you-can-eat gourmet sugar shack. It sounds too good to be true but it is real. Apart from the mouth-watering three-course menu, there will also be a lumberjack competition. All these will be happening at the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne. There’s something for everyone this year. You’ll discover so much more with a wide range of gourmet menu and entertainment. You don’t want to miss this!

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Canada’s Drive-In

This is going to be a cinematic treat at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on April 19th. From your cars, you will witness an ultramodern exterior projection of The Rocket, an award-winning Canadian film about Maurice Richard; a hockey legend. In addition, there will be some pre-show entertainments and an autograph session with native hockey greats. Sadly, the tickets for this event are already sold out. So, you may just have to hear from lucky ones who got it, if you did not.

Tulip Festival

The Canada Tulip Festival is having a special edition for this year to celebrate the 150th year anniversary in style alongside their own 65th anniversary. The festival has a background history that resonates with the principle of Canadian hospitality. There will be thousands of tulips spread across the capital city, Ottawa. This festival will hold from May 12-22, 2017. Tickets are still on sale and the event is free for children 12 and under. There’ll be so much fun in store this year, you shouldn’t miss it. Gather your friends and family for a fantastic day in the midst the Tulips.

Picnic On The Bridge

Right on the Alexandria Bridge, an event first of its kind will occur whereby people from both sides of the Ottawa River will gather for an interprovincial picnic in the outdoors. There will be entertainment suitable for families, samplings from Ace Bakery and other special giveaways. Due to its popular appeal, the tickets for this event have also sold out fast. It’s going to be bigger and better this year, come and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

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Sky Dining in Ottawa

Have you had the unique opportunity to dine at 150 feet in the sky? It is unlikely that many would have had this experience. The Ignite 150 celebration brings you that chance to have a sky dining. From July 7 to 22, you can partake of a gourmet dinner starting with an aperitif and ending with a fine cocktail back on the ground. The event has an age restriction lifting from 16-year olds who are allowed to participate but only persons from 19 years old will be served alcoholic beverages. There is something for everyone – both the young at heart and the elderly ones.

LA Machine astonishing creatures

From July 27th-30th, lovers of Sci-Fi characters can witness their favorite larger-than-life creatures in events organized as part of the 150th-anniversary celebration. La Machine, a company based in France will bring its mobile urban theater onto the streets of downtown Ottawa. The exact venues for the events have not been announced, so you should keep a tab on it. The greatest part about it all – it is free!

Nantes la grande araignée dans les rues

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Canadian Video Game Awards

The annual Canadian Video Game Awards comes with an extra in 2017 to celebrate the 150th anniversary. They are adding a FanFest which will take off in a gala celebration at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. The Semi-finals and Final matches will attract wide attention as it would be projected on buildings across Ottawa. All these will be happening in November 2017.

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105th Grey Cup Festival

The 105th Grey Cup Festival kicks off on November 21st to 26th. In the spirit of the 150th anniversary, the festival is targeted at reflecting Canada’s rich and diverse cultures through performances, live music, and other events. Furthermore, there will be both free and ticketed events and the whole festival will end with the Canadian Football League championship game on November 26th. To ensure getting tickets, you should join the RedBlacks waiting list.

KONTINUUM – LRT Tunnel Immersive Multimedia 

This is an amazing opportunity to be part of something innovative – a ‘futuristic and immersive multimedia’ production created by the Moment Factory. A technology projected for utilization in Ottawa’s imminent Light Rail Transit stations. The new LRT service is scheduled to launch in 2018, so this sneak peek into the network should be a delightful one. In celebrating the 150th anniversary, the Lyon Station will run a free viewing for ten weeks starting from the end of June through September and it will highlight the functionalities and benefits of this new system to the city of Ottawa. LRT Tunnel Immersive Multimedia is an experience like no other, you must not miss it.

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