Most Unique Activities in the Ottawa Region

When you want to go out, relax and have some fun, there are some unique forms of entertainment you can engage in which will expose you to an out-of-the-world experience right in the Ottawa Region. Here are some of the unique activities in and around Ottawa!


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Cave Dining at Bonnechere

You can take your dining experience to another level by sitting at a candle-lit table set underground at the Bonnechere caves. This is a nice setting to have a close time with family and loved ones as the tables are arranged within a small enclosure underground. The food and wine are also great attractions that can be enjoyed with piano or guitar music in the background. There are only a few spaces and reservations need to be made ahead.

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Zipline at Camp Fortune

There is no need to dwell on childhood pastimes with regret; for what you can no longer do. At Camp Fortune Explorer Park, there are zigzag bridges, ladders and crawl through barrels for you to get your ziplining going even as you have great fun. It almost feels real like an adventure in the wild as it takes over 2 hours to complete the stretch of zip lines. They offer refreshments and water stations on site.

Diefenbunker Cold War Underground Museum

If you want to take a plunge into history and discover how close the world almost came to witnessing the horror of a nuclear attack during the Cold War, a visit to Difenbunker will take you on that time journey. You can explore the museum on a self-guided using the iPod Diefen-guides with your own headphone attached to it. There are English tours on weekdays and French tours on Saturday and Sunday.

Rideau Canal (World’s Largest Skating Rink)

If you are a skater and you have not skated at the world’s largest skating rink, you are missing out on a lot. During opening periods, the park usually has a huge crowd but there are enough facilities to go around and avoid rowdiness. But if you will like to avoid the crowd, you should arrive earlier and bring your own skates to avoid the long renting lines. Even non-skaters can have an enjoyable time just walking on the snowy side.

Dogsledding at Timberlandtours

Dogsledding is one sport that is rare to find these days. Therefore, a timberland tour will expose you to a dynamic experience. You get to learn how to harness and hook up the dogs. During the summer tours, you can enjoy a ride on the custom-made dryland rig which takes up to 8 adults with one person in control of the wheel and in the winter months, you can learn the basics of dogsledding. There also options for refreshments on site.

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Canadian Championship Dog Race

Every year, the Canadian Championship Dog Race is held and hosted in different locations. It is a phenomenal event which brings many people from across and outside the country. The race is run on a sandy trail and racers often attached with their dogs compete in several events including the scooter, bikejoring, canicross and others. As a spectator, you can view the event from several vantage points such as the start and finish bleachers and along the path that cuts through the race track.

Full-moon rafting on the Ottawa River

This is one event you should try hard to catch yearly as it has limited spaces. It also depends on the availability of the full moon on select days. The full moon rafting comes with an added thrill absent from the daytime type and you have the opportunity to witness some amazing views on the white water. It is a guided tour with safety precautions including correct gears put in place.

Aboriginal Experiences Ottawa

You can have a close experience with First Nation’s culture in a native village and discover their native attires, cuisines and also enjoy their powwow dance performances. There are guided tours and craft workshops for a deeper perspective on the culture. For keepsakes, you can purchase the hand-crafted gifts and souvenirs sold on site. The tours and other events are open from May 1st to October 31st annually.

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Helicopter Rides

You may have ridden in an airplane several times but never in a helicopter. At Canada Aviation and Space Museum you can get an over-arching view of the capital city inside one of their helicopters. During summer, there are 10-minute helicopter rides that take you over the Ottawa River and part of the city. There are also vintage aircraft dating back to WW1 and WW2 for your viewing pleasure or for a ride.

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Spelunking at Lusk Cave

If spelunking is one of your favorite hobbies, you should definitely explore Lusk Cave at the Gatineau Park. You will find an outstanding marble and natural geological spectacle. The whole hike around the site could take as much as four hours on the 10-kilometre stretch. When you reach the cave, you may find some water and encounter some wildlife including insects, frogs, and a few small fishes. You should be well geared for these conditions.

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Bungee Jumping in Ottawa

Bungee jumping is one of those must-do things in a lifetime. It can help you overcome your fear of heights or just have a carefree time away from your serious and busy schedule. Great Canadian Bungee offers great and safe equipment that will ensure you have an amazing experience on the 200 feet head or body dip and the 160 feet rebound. All these may sound scary but just do it. And if you don’t feel up to it, you can just catch some adrenaline watching others jump.

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Plane Gliding Over Ottawa

At Rideau Valley Soaring, you can get that dynamic experience of gliding. This is operated through the use of natural energy to keep the sailplane afloat. The gliding sailplanes are often operated during favorable weather conditions during the months of April and November. There is also the opportunity to get some flight instructions knowledge on weekends and public holidays.

Float Plane Flying

At Lake Country, you can get into some real adventure as you discover the exhilarating feeling of learning to fly a floatplane or just enjoying the ride. Going on their scenic flight is an amazing way to get new insights on the beautiful landscape in the Ottawa region. There is also the romantic option of flying and dining as part of their packages on offer.

Kayaking on the Rideau Canada

Rideau canal is an excellent place to enjoy paddling, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ottawa. You can paddle your way through the city on the central lakes, with several nooks and crannies to explore. With no current or winds, you can easily sit and explore your surrounding at a slower pace. There are several camping locations, which have bathroom facilities if you decide to stop. You can rent a canoe or kayak if you don’t have. You can share a canoe, relax and enjoy the glide.

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