The gastronome culture in Canada’s capital can reveres extravagances, and recompenses elitism and prestige. From the classy date to impress a significant other to that impressive formal dinner to land the next business deal, there are several exquisite restaurants in the Ottawa area with accompanying high prices to meet your needs and well deserving of their worth. The restaurants have exclusive features such as unique atmosphere, exotic location and delicious meals, which contribute to the delight of the dining experience they offer. After combing the city, here are the most expensive restaurants in the Ottawa area; savor some of the best gourmet meals in these swankiest and high-priced restaurants;

Atelier ($110 tasting menu)

This is a classy tasting menu restaurant that serves a fixed 12-course tasting menu every night. It reflects the novel Canadian food trend built on the modern cookery technique. They change their menu regularly and make room for slight changes due to dietary allergies or, for vegetarians. The air of mystery around what you will be eating adds to the overall thrill of the experience. On the menu, you will find an exceptional combination of cuisines involving excellent combinations of flavors and seasonal produce. This may include the Rabbit Terrine, the Vension lion with little details such as the delicious Sirancha infused salted bread. Topping the food is the innovative wine pairings and the excellent service in place.

Baccara (Le)-Casino Du Lac Leamy ($120 Eight-Course)

For a dynamic evening with sumptuous dishes prepared inventively with local products in the open kitchen, Le Baccara should be your one stop destination. They offer French, Canadian and other international and gluten free options. You can kick off with one of the cold appetizers ranging from $16.00 to $24.00. The Five-course tasting menu at $95 can be picked according to your peculiar tastes. This may include tuna, scallop, duck and goose liver, veal and dessert. You will not spend less than $100 per person here but rest assured you will be getting great value for your money.

Beckta Dining & Wine ($98 tasting menu)

At this classic restaurant, you have the option to choose from the three experiences; dining room, wine bar and private dining offered. For the three-course meal at $71 you are exposed to a variety of options which may include sunchoke veloute, citrus-poached sea buckthorn, foie grass powder and cocoa dust in the first course; juniper-roasted duck magret, rosemary grissini, creamy polenta and other choicer delights in the second course. Their tasting menu comes with a difference, making something as ordinary as trout and soup superb.

Restaurant E18hteen ($95 tasting Menu)

Since its opening in 2010, this contemporary dining restaurant has been offering traditional French cuisines combined with modern Canadian influences. The décor is classy and simple with a cosy sitting area. The tasting menu offers an amazing range of succulent food – from the amuse bouche comprising a soft ginger coconut shrimp with roasted peanut to a creamy carrot risotto and the lobster and seared pork belly often served in the pomme and parsnip puree. You won’t be finding prices lower than $50 here but everyone despite its opulent setting is treated as a valuable special guest.

Sterling Restaurant ($65 Dinner Table d’hôtes)

Just as the name of the restaurant, the food and services reveal a sterling attention to presenting the highest quality of meat. In 2006, they won the Epicurien Award for Fine Dining. The menu a la carte features a wide range of cuisines including cold and warm appetizers, fish and seafood and the grill options. The midi lunch table d’hôtes is priced at $29.95. They serve the best of steaks in the Ottawa area. The glitz does not get in the way of personalized service here as it’s a common sight to find the General Manager welcoming guests at the door. They even show you your steak for your approval before it is cooked.

Les Fougères ($89 Eight Course Tasting Menu)

Les Fougères is dedicated to using natural ingredients and local seasoning to make exciting gourmet meals. The quaint restaurant is now newly renovated but has not lost its simple serene atmosphere. They offer a blind Eight-course tasting menu which is well rated inclusive of the wines. You can choose from the table d’hôtes and the a la carte menu. There are also no issues with switching your main dish in the table d’hôtes with something else in the a la carte menu. For the single meal, offers for small plates range from $8 to $18 and large plates for $16 to $36.

NeXT ($63 Blind sharing Menu)

Opened in April 2013, the restaurant caters for wedding receptions, take-home meals and both off-site and on-site diners. You will find this classic restaurant more laid back than many in the same league with its mysterious menu tags composed with a tinge of humor. The menu sharing leaves you with great options to choose from. The portions on the small plates are quite large and you may not need to order for multiple plates to be sated. You won’t be spending less than an average of $250 for a dinner for two but it would be money well spent.

Signatures ($98.00 Eight Course)

With the combination of the luxurious setting and the exotic cuisines, there is the opportuning for a thrilling and complete dining experience. The Signatures’ menus reflect unique offerings of seasonal Canadian ingredients with a combined selection of international flavors. A three-course lunch menu inclusive of the appetizer costs around $34 which may include a confit duck salad or corn and lobster bisque, the main course; braised lamb shank or Provençale seafood cassoulets and a dessert of Apple tart tatin. If you choose to go with the main course alone, you will be parting with $24. The three-course dinner menu is at $68. They also have a personalized tasting menu that is changed monthly.

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