Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ottawa’s Westboro neighbourhood, Fiazza Fresh Fired stands as a beacon for pizza aficionados and casual diners alike. This isn’t your ordinary pizza place; it’s a culinary adventure that redefines the quick-service gourmet pizza experience. It’s here where the passion for pizza is not just felt; it’s tasted in every bite.

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The journey of Fiazza Fresh Fired began with a simple love for pizza. The owner, with a lifelong career in the restaurant industry and a passion for pizza, saw an opportunity to revamp a decade-old establishment into a contemporary pizza paradise. “I fell in love with all things pizza,” says the owner, a sentiment that is now the cornerstone of Fiazza’s identity.

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Fiazza Fresh Fired, a name that playfully dances off the tongue, reflects its Italian roots and the essence of its offerings. It’s a clever play on ‘pizza’ with a unique twist, embodying the creativity and freshness that the restaurant stands for.

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The Neapolitan Margherita ($13.75) is a classic Italian pizza made with artisanal Neapolitan dough using fine “00” flour, creating a light, airy crust. Topped with Fiazza’s vibrant red sauce and creamy Fior Di Latte mozzarella, it’s enhanced with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Fresh basil adds a burst of color and flavor. This 10” pizza is a harmonious blend of simple, quality ingredients, baked to golden perfection, offering a taste of authentic Italian tradition.

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Fiazza’s Calzone ($12) is a delightful fusion of Italian flavors. This dish features chunks of juicy chicken breast, a blend of Mozzarella and Fior Di Latte cheeses, and a mix of Kalamata and green olives. The calzone is brushed with garlic butter and garnished with basil, offering a perfect balance of creamy, savory, and fresh flavors. Presented on a pizza peel, cut, and stacked, it’s served with a side of pizza sauce for dipping, making it both a visual and culinary treat. Featured in this photo is one of the “takeout sized” bottles of “Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio” ($23).

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Baked Chicken Wings (6 for $10.75), perfectly coated in Italian herbs and fire-roasted in a 575-degree F oven for a crispy outside and juicy inside. These wings are paired with a spicy and creamy Sriracha Aioli, adding a delightful kick. Ideal for a quick meal or a shared snack, these wings offer a harmonious blend of savory herbs, smoky flavors, and zesty sauce, making them a must-try for food lovers.

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The “Sourdough Pinsa Romana – Nona’s Garden” ($16.75) is a unique sourdough-based dish topped with Fiazza’s red sauce, Fior Di Latte cheese, roasted broccoli, red onion, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, rosemary, basil, and fresh herb oil. It combines crispy and chewy textures with a blend of sweet, tangy, and aromatic flavors, all presented on a pizza peel and garnished with basil leaves. This dish highlights the harmony of fresh ingredients and artisanal preparation.

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Bomboloni (Mini) Italian Donuts are the traditional Bomboloni Cacao Nocciola, featuring a soft, fluffy dough filled with a rich cocoa hazelnut cream. Offered in sets of six for $7.50, these mini donuts provide a luxurious taste of Italy, perfect for sharing or enjoying solo.

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Experience the delight of Fiazza’s Neapolitan ‘Cup & Char’ Pepperoni pizza ($14.25). This pizza combines Fiazza’s rich, herb-infused red sauce with a blend of creamy, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses. The highlight is the Cup & Char pepperoni, which crisps into flavorful, charred edges, adding a smoky contrast to the spiced meat. Served fresh from the fire oven on a stainless-steel tray, this pizza offers a perfect balance of crispy crust and soft interior, making it a true culinary art form for pizza lovers.

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The restaurant’s most distinctive feature is its open-concept kitchen, equipped with the ‘Cadillac of pizza ovens’ from Woodstone. This not only allows for an immersive dining experience but also showcases the craftsmanship that goes into each pizza.
Fiazza’s location in Westboro is no coincidence. This eclectic and evolving neighbourhood, brimming with young, dynamic energy, mirrors the spirit of the restaurant – innovative, lively, and always welcoming.

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While Fiazza Fresh Fired prides itself on offering a variety of gourmet pizza styles under one roof, it’s the experience that sets it apart. The aim is to provide a place where guests of all ages can enjoy high-quality ingredients and pizzas prepared with genuine care. From the lively food vibe to the thoughtful ingredient selection, every aspect is designed to evoke a sense of comfort and joy.

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Inclusivity is key at Fiazza. Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or keto options, the menu is thoughtfully curated to accommodate diverse dietary needs. Local sourcing and sustainability are also at the heart of their operations, reflecting a commitment to quality and community.

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Whether you’re dining solo, with family, or planning an event, Fiazza accommodates all the above. With indoor seating for 40 and a cozy patio space, it’s perfect for a casual lunch, a dinner date, or a group celebration. They offer catering services, takeout, and partner with UberEats, and SkipTheDishes.

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It’s simple. Fiazza isn’t just about pizza; it’s about the experience. The blend of high-quality ingredients, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the dedication to catering to all dietary needs make it a standout in the culinary landscape of Ottawa. It’s a place where every visit is an opportunity to indulge in a pizza experience that’s fresh, fired, and undeniably delightful.

Address of Restaurant: 205 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W4 

Closest Cross Streets: Richmond Rd & McRae Ave

Parking: Parking lot and street parking

Phone Number: 613-725-2222

Website Address:

Reservation Link: Call to make reservations.

Email of restaurant:

Opening Date: July 2017

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11 a.m.–8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Uber Eats: Order Fiazza Fresh Fired Pizza (Westboro) Delivery【Menu & Prices】| Ottawa | Uber Eats 

SkipTheDishes: Fiazza Fresh Fired (205 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON, Canada) | Order Delivery & Take Out Online | SkipTheDishes 


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