All Out Burger

Since 2000, All Out Burger has been crafting memorable burger experiences in Ottawa. Known for their classic and satisfying burgers, this joint is a haven for those who cherish traditional burger flavors. Their standout offerings include a range of juicy, well-seasoned burgers that are a blend of classic and innovative recipes. The ambiance of the place, echoing the traditional burger joint vibe, adds to the overall dining experience. Their burgers, often described as soul-satisfying, make All Out Burger a must-visit for burger aficionados in the city​​.

Umbrella Burger

Umbrella Burger has quickly carved out a niche for itself in Ottawa’s culinary landscape. This place is celebrated for its unique burger creations that have received glowing reviews from patrons. Their menu features a variety of burgers, each with a distinctive twist, whether it be through unique sauces, perfectly cooked patties, or fresh, high-quality ingredients. The consistent quality and mouth-watering flavors make Umbrella Burger a standout choice for a delightful burger experience in Ottawa​​.

Chez Lucien

Chez Lucien is not just a restaurant; it’s an institution in Ottawa, known for its high-quality burgers. Their burger menu is a fusion of classic and contemporary, featuring options that cater to a wide range of tastes. From their signature burger with unique toppings to more adventurous options, Chez Lucien offers a burger for every palate. The welcoming atmosphere and consistently delicious offerings make it a preferred destination for both locals and visitors​​.

Bite Burger House

Bite Burger House, with two locations in Ottawa, is where tradition meets innovation in the form of delicious burgers. This burger house is famed for its artisanal approach to the classic burger. Their menu boasts a variety of gourmet burgers, each made with locally sourced ingredients and a creative flair. From classic cheeseburgers to more gourmet options with unique ingredients, Bite Burger House is the place to go for those who appreciate a modern twist on the traditional burger​​.

Gburger – Gitanes Burger

At GBurger, the burger experience is elevated to a new level, combining the finesse of French cuisine with the heartiness of classic burgers. The burgers stand out for their gourmet approach, where every element from the bun to the patty and the toppings is thoughtfully curated to create a luxurious and memorable burger. The burgers at Gburger are for those who appreciate a sophisticated twist on the traditional, making it a unique and must-visit spot for burger enthusiasts in Ottawa​​.

No Forks Given

No Forks Given redefines the burger experience with its inventive use of ingredients. The burgers here aren’t just about beef; they incorporate a variety of proteins like lamb and turkey, each seasoned and cooked to perfection. The toppings are just as creative, ranging from tangy artisanal cheeses to homemade relishes and sauces that elevate the flavors. The buns are always fresh, adding the perfect textural contrast to the juicy patties.

The King Eddy

Renowned for their classic approach, The King Eddy’s burgers capture the essence of time-honored burger-making. Their patties are thick, juicy, and cooked to a perfect medium, retaining all the flavors of the beef. They use classic toppings like lettuce, tomato, and pickles, but their quality and freshness make all the difference. The sauce selection is traditional yet perfectly balanced, complementing the meat without overpowering it.

The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer

The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer, with seven locations throughout the Ottawa area, is a paradise for burger enthusiasts who love to experiment. The Works offers an impressive range of burgers with exotic toppings like avocado, pineapple, or even peanut butter. They aren’t afraid to mix sweet, savory, and spicy elements, creating unique taste profiles. Beyond beef, they offer alternative patty options like chicken or veggie, catering to all dietary preferences.

The Burger’s Priest

The Burger’s Priest, with two locations in the Ottawa area, combines the allure of secret recipes with high-quality ingredients. Their burgers are known for their rich, meaty flavors, accented by a proprietary blend of seasonings. Each burger is a testament to the art of burger-making, with perfectly melted cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and sauces that add a zesty kick. The Burger’s Priest also offers unique items like double-stacked patties or stuffed burgers for those seeking an indulgent treat.

Vera’s Burger Shack

Located inside a butcher shop, Vera’s Burger Shack offers burgers that are a cut above the rest. They emphasize the quality of their meats, ensuring that each patty is juicy, flavorful, and cooked with precision. The toppings are fresh and locally sourced, providing a burst of flavors that complement the premium meat. Their handcrafted approach and the ability to choose from a variety of meats and toppings make each burger a personalized culinary delight.

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