Yang Sheng Chinese Restaurant

At Yang Sheng Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown, patrons savor authentic Cantonese cuisine, renowned for its variety and rich flavors. The menu features popular dishes such as beef siu mai and General Tao’s chicken, favorites among locals and visitors alike. For those with a taste for the exotic, Yang Sheng also offers unique culinary experiences with dishes like bird’s nest soup and Singapore-style vermicelli. Additionally, their menu includes a range of other beloved Chinese specialties, including mixed vegetable rice noodle, crispy fried noodles, spring rolls, BBQ pork, BBQ duck, and wonton soup, each dish crafted to offer an authentic taste of China’s rich culinary heritage.


Mekong Restaurant on Somerset Street in Ottawa’s Chinatown stands out for its exceptional Chinese cuisine, offering a delightful array of dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes. This culinary hotspot is particularly celebrated for its Chinese specialties, including the perfectly cooked sweet & sour pork, the sumptuous lemon chicken, and the richly flavored corn soup. The crispy beef, a standout on the menu, has received particular praise from patrons. While the restaurant also offers Vietnamese dishes, it’s the Chinese fare that truly captivates its guests.

Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant

Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant in Sandy Hill, Ottawa is a culinary delight for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine. Known for its exceptional dishes, the restaurant specializes in flavorsome broth, heartwarming wonton soup, and perfectly crispy fried wontons. These signature dishes have garnered praise for their authenticity, often compared to what one would find in China. The wonton soup and noodles with sesame sauce, in particular, stand out for their rich taste and exceptional quality. Patrons frequently highlight these dishes as the stars of the menu, offering an unforgettable dining experience. With a strong emphasis on quality and taste, Shanghai Wonton Noodle has established itself as a top destination for Chinese food aficionados in Ottawa​​​​.

Asia Wok Chinese Food Take-Out

Asia Wok, located in Orléans, is celebrated for its culinary excellence, offering a menu rich in variety and flavor. Highlights include their signature open-ended egg rolls, sumptuous wonton soup, the much-loved General Tsao chicken, tangy lemon chicken, and the savory beef with Chinese greens. Each dish is a testament to the authentic and traditional Chinese cooking that Asia Wok prides itself on. Consistently fresh and tantalizing, the food at Asia Wok not only satisfies the palate but also represents the essence of traditional Chinese dining in Ottawa​​​​​​.


Jadeland in Ottawa’s Chinatown stands out for its delightful and authentic Cantonese cuisine. Patrons rave about the quality and taste of dishes, particularly noting the excellence of the Szechuan beef and General Tao. The ambiance of the restaurant adds to the dining experience, offering a quaint and almost homey feel. This establishment has earned a reputation for being a go-to spot for some of the best Cantonese food in Ottawa. Customers appreciate the welcoming and friendly staff, enhancing the overall dining experience. Whether dining in or taking out, Jadeland promises a memorable and tasty culinary journey​​​​​​.

Mandarin Ogilvie Restaurant

Mandarin Ogilvie Restaurant stands out in Overbrook, Vanier for its exquisite Chinese cuisine, offering a taste of authenticity with every dish. Located at 1137 Ogilvie Road, this restaurant excels in creating traditional Chinese delicacies, using fresh ingredients to bring out rich and authentic flavors. Specializing in a variety of Chinese dishes, from savory dim sum to classic entrees, Mandarin Ogilvie ensures each meal is a culinary journey through China. The focus on traditional cooking techniques and flavors makes it a prime destination for those craving genuine Chinese food in Ottawa​​.

Ben Ben Restaurant

Ben Ben Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown stands out as a gem in the city’s culinary landscape, especially for those craving authentic Chinese cuisine. With a history spanning over two decades, it has cemented its place in the heart of Ottawa’s Asian community. The restaurant is renowned for its wide array of dishes that cater to various preferences, including spicy and vegetarian options.

Regular patrons laud the quality of the food, praising its perfect taste and the quick service that enhances the dining experience. Signature dishes like the Hot and Sour Soup and Singapore Fried Noodles are local favorites, inviting diners to immerse themselves in the rich flavors. Ben Ben’s ability to consistently satisfy diverse tastes with its savory offerings makes it a must-visit destination for Chinese food enthusiasts in Ottawa​​​​.

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