Corazon De Maiz

A gem in Byward Market, Corazón de Maíz stands out for its true-to-roots Mexican street food. The founders’ dedication is evident in their use of traditional recipes and local ingredients, earning them over 800 5-star reviews. Their legendary burritos, a local favorite, are a must-try, bursting with authentic flavors and made with the freshest ingredients. Enhance your meal with their in-house signature sauces, ranging in flavors to suit every palate.

Casa México

Casa México captivates with its authentic Mexican and Latin flavors. Known for their freshly prepared tacos and enchiladas, served in generous portions, Casa México delights with its culinary craftsmanship. Their nachos and pico de gallo, alongside top-notch margaritas, are touted as the best in Ottawa. A welcoming atmosphere and a menu with vegan and gluten-free options make this a versatile choice for all Mexican food enthusiasts​​​​​​.

Ahora Mexican Restaurant

A favorite since 2004, Ahora Mexican Restaurant has carved its niche in Ottawa’s Mexican food scene. They focus on adapting traditional Mexican dishes to contemporary tastes. Their menu boasts an array of choices like burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and tacos, all made with the freshest ingredients. The free Salsa Bar adds a personalized touch, allowing guests to choose from various sauces. Accompany your meal with their renowned margaritas or other Mexican beverages for a complete dining experience​​​​.

La Bonita Restaurant

With two locations in the Ottawa area, each offering a distinct Mexican ambiance, La Bonita Restaurant transports you straight to Mexico. The founder’s Jalisco roots influence the menu, ensuring authentic flavors in every dish. The restaurants showcase the essence of Mexican culture, from the music to the cinematic decor. They are committed to using the finest ingredients, and their chefs are trained to replicate traditional Mexican recipes with precision. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot or a romantic setting, La Bonita offers a genuine Mexican dining adventure​​.

La Fiesta Latina

Situated in Ottawa’s Centretown, this cozy restaurant is a treasure trove of authentic Mexican cuisine. Its unassuming exterior opens up to a fresh, inviting interior. The menu is a blend of Mexican and Latin flavors, with standout margaritas and a variety of taco options. Their commitment to authentic Mexican flavors is evident in dishes like the Pollo Mole Verde taco. La Fiesta Latina is also known for its excellent vegetarian taco options, offering a welcoming, family-style service​​​​​​.


Chilaquiles is a charming, intimate restaurant that promises an authentic Mexican experience. Known for its vibrant and colorful ambiance, this spot is a little piece of Mexico in Ottawa. The staff’s warm hospitality complements their array of homemade Mexican dishes, renowned for their authentic flavors. From classic chilaquiles to tantalizing tacos, every dish is a celebration of traditional Mexican cooking​​.

Aztec tacos

Aztec tacos stands out with its exceptional culinary craftsmanship. The restaurant has earned acclaim for dishes like pozole, a traditional soup, and gringas, a delightful fusion of flavors wrapped in tortillas. Each dish is prepared with utmost care, resulting in flawless flavors that keep patrons coming back. The quick and friendly service enhances the dining experience, solidifying Aztec tacos as a favorite for Mexican cuisine in Ottawa​​.

Sí Señor Mexican Street Food

Si Senor Mexican Street Food brings the essence of Mexican street food to Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighbourhood with its array of authentic dishes. The restaurant is praised not only for its delicious, well-priced food but also for its inviting atmosphere and friendly service. From tacos to other Mexican specialties, each dish is a testament to traditional Mexican flavors. The ambiance, reminiscent of a cozy eatery in Mexico, adds to the authenticity of the dining experience. Si Senor is a top destination for those seeking genuine Mexican cuisine in the heart of Ottawa​​.

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa is celebrated for its diverse Mexican menu that includes Southwestern and Latin influences. From savory enchiladas to zesty fajitas and beyond, Pancho Villa offers a rich tapestry of flavors that cater to all tastes. The lively atmosphere and consistent quality of their dishes make it a beloved spot for Mexican food enthusiasts in Ottawa​​.

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