Sapporo Sushi Ottawa

Sapporo Sushi Ottawa brings a dynamic sushi experience to the table with their popular rolls and diverse offerings. The Dynamite Roll, a crowd favorite, blends shrimp tempura with cucumber, avocado, and flying fish roe. Their Rose Roll, a treat for tuna lovers, combines red tuna, spicy tuna, and shrimp tempura. Not just about sushi, they also offer a family-cherished Beef Bulgogi Dinner. Their Love Platter is a romantic choice, featuring an assortment of sushi, sashimi, rolls, tempura, and more​​.

J:unique kitchen

J:unique kitchen offers a Vancouver-style sushi experience right in Ottawa. Their sushi, prepared by expert chefs, is renowned for its exceptional taste and quality. This restaurant is a perfect spot for a date or a unique dining experience, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere that complements their exquisite sushi creations​​.

Sushi Fresh

Located near the Byward Market, Sushi Fresh is known for its very fresh sushi and sashimi at affordable prices. The restaurant offers a relaxed and informal setting, perfect for enjoying their delicious Chirashi, which includes salmon, white fish, tuna, shrimp sashimi over a bowl of rice. Their commitment to freshness and quality makes them a go-to destination for sushi lovers​​.

Hello Sushiman

Hello Sushiman is a gem in Orleans and perhaps even in the wider Ottawa area. Known for its fantastic freshness, quality, and variety, this little takeaway place is always bustling – a testament to the quality of their sushi. Their Sushi Lunch A is a popular choice, offering fresh, filling, varied, and tasty sushi that stands out from generic offerings in the city​​.

Sushi 88

Sushi 88, situated in the heart of Chinatown, has been delighting sushi enthusiasts since 2003. Their comfortably decorated setting with a cheerful atmosphere is just the beginning. They offer unique sushi experiences with signature rolls, nigiri, battera, and hot dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. It’s the perfect place to explore a variety of sushi flavors in a welcoming environment​​.

Sushi Umi

Sushi Umi is a gem in Ottawa’s sushi scene, celebrated for its dedication to fresh, made-to-order sushi. This spot is a true delight for sushi aficionados. The Tempura, Seafood Miso Soup, and an array of specialty rolls receive high praise for their flavor and quality. Sushi Umi also offers an intriguing mix of sushi and Korean cuisine, presenting an innovative culinary fusion. Their take-out service is particularly noteworthy, ensuring that even the party trays of mixed sushi retain their outstanding freshness and taste.

Genji Japanese Restaurant

At Genji Japanese Restaurant, sushi is not just a dish but a work of art. The Salmon Tartare, Dragon Rolls, and an assortment of sushi are known for their beautiful presentation and superb freshness. Genji stands out for its late-night offerings, perfect for those spontaneous sushi cravings. The Gyozas and Sushis, noted for their excellent quality and taste, make it a popular choice. The restaurant is also a favorite for family celebrations, where their sushi spreads become the centerpiece of any special occasion.

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine excels in delivering authentic sushi experiences. Their spicy salmon and tuna makis are particularly loved, a testament to their mastery of sushi-making. The central location adds to its charm, offering a wide array of choices from Chashu Ramen to Kaisen Chirashi. The restaurant’s attention to detail in food presentation and its commitment to quality make it a standout. Their ramen and sushi dishes, known for their consistency and taste, are complemented by a friendly and polished service, making every visit memorable.

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