Ottawa’s unique seafood adventure awaits at ‘The Captain’s Boil‘. Set sail in the heart of the city for a flavour journey like no other at this seafood restaurant. Featured menu items include crawfish, shrimp, oysters, and lobster. Indulge in celebrated snow crab legs, a spectacular feast that beckons with succulent flavors and the joy of cracking and savoring each morsel. Drop anchor at ‘The Captain’s Boil’ and embark on a taste adventure that will leave your palate sailing through a sea of unforgettable flavours.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Interior

The Captain’s Boil in West Hunt Club opened its doors to Ottawa in January 2018. The Captain’s Boil franchise has over 25 locations across Canada. They take pride in the quality and taste of their Cajun Seafood Boil.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Interior

The restaurant’s unique decor is a tribute to maritime history, featuring fish bone lighting and wood-paneled walls reminiscent of a classic ship. This thematic setting provides guests with a unique seafood dining experience.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Bib and Gloves

At The Captain’s Boil in Nepean, dining is about sharing a feast. The restaurant prides itself on a family-oriented atmosphere, where seafood is enjoyed with bibs and gloves, reflecting the joyous and slightly messy nature of a seafood feast. One of the unique aspects of dining at the Captain’s Boil is the eco-friendly plastic bags some of the food is served in. If that’s not your style you can request it to be served on traditional dining platters!

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Crab

The Captain’s Boil menu is a seafood lover’s dream, with 90% of the offerings coming from the sea. Here are some of the top dishes that have captivated the hearts of patrons:

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Shrimp

The delicious shrimp ($22.99) cooked to perfection comes with two complimentary sides. Here it was served with corn and potatoes.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Crab Legs

Canadian Snow Crab ($39.99) A luxurious offering, is served with two complimentary sides. Here it was served with fresh okra.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Lobster

The freshness of the Canadian Lobster ($59.99) is unmatched! Here, it was served on a platter as requested instead of the signature Captain’s Boil bag.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Fried Rice

The Captain’s Fried Rice ($18.99) is a big hit amongst patrons! It contains shrimp, and green onions, and is infused with the delicious signature Captain’s Boil sauce.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Oysters

Canadian Raspberry Point Oysters ($18.99) sourced from PEI, these oysters are celebrated as some of the best in North America and are a favorite amongst seafood enthusiasts. The oysters are served fresh and raw.

Additionally, the restaurant offers a variety of sauces, including the popular Captain’s Boil sauce (which is a combination of all the sauces skillfully combined), Cajun flavor, lemon pepper, and garlic sauce. With each sauce, you have the option of choosing the spice level. The levels are not spicy, mild, medium, fire, and volcano. The spiciest of the options is the “volcano” which is so spicy that it’s not even on the menu! It is a secret item that can be requested by patrons.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Interior

The Captain’s Boil caters to diverse dietary needs, offering Keto-friendly options, accommodates vegetarians, and it is recommended for gluten-sensitive customers to request no sauce. They emphasize local sourcing and sustainability, primarily using Canadian seafood and local fresh produce.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Drinks

The “Captain’s Caesar” ($11.50), garnished with crawfish and shrimp, amplifies the one-of-a-kind seafood experience that The Captain’s Boil in West Hunt Club offers. On the right the “Tropical Thunder” ($8.99), is another popular choice amongst customers.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - VIP

With an 80-person seating capacity and a VIP room for up to 14 guests, The Captain’s Boil is well-equipped for various events. While catering isn’t a primary focus, they can accommodate large orders for special occasions such as birthdays if customers call ahead of time.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Interior

The restaurant is accessible to all, with wheelchair-friendly facilities and free Wi-Fi. The staff can speak both English and French. The service at the Captain’s Boil in Nepean is top-notch. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable, able to answer any questions regarding the menu. They are also welcoming and friendly which makes for an incredibly pleasant seafood dining experience.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Exterior

“The Captain’s Boil”, located at 290 W Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, extends an invitation to all who seek a unique seafood dining experience. It’s a place where meals are more than just food; they’re a celebration of flavor, history, and community.

The Captain's Boil - Nepean - Robot

Also, meet Bella, this robot assists in providing patrons with the excellent service that The Captain’s Boil in Nepean is known for. The intelligent robot strolls around the restaurant serving drinks and sometimes food. Bella is a big hit amongst the kids and adds to the unique seafood dining experience that The Captain’s Boil is known for!


Address of Restaurant: 290 W Hunt Club Rd #4b, Ottawa, ON K2E 0B7

Closest Cross Streets: Ottawa 32 & Hunt Club Rd
Phone Number: 16136808998 (Call to make reservations.)
Website Address:
Online Menu:
Email of restaurant:
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 5–9 p.m., Friday 4–10 p.m., Saturday 12–10 p.m., Sunday 12–9 p.m.



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