Wilf & Ada’s is located in Centretown and nestled in Ottawa’s Gay Village. It is a brunch restaurant that offers a slice of home with every dish. Amongst their delicious menu, they have Mariposa Duck Benedict, a unique and enticing offering. Wilf & Ada’s also has classic breakfast options featuring eggs, toast, home fries, beans, and a choice of two sides (bacon, sausage, tomato, and greens). This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a testament to community, local artistry, and farm-to-table ethos. Every corner of this quaint eatery, with its exposed brick walls adorned with local art and windows proudly displaying the pride flag, whispers stories of passion and dedication.

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The team at Wilf & Ada’s, each bringing their unique skills and experiences, collectively contribute to the restaurant’s cherished atmosphere. With backgrounds varying from years in the culinary world to fresh perspectives from newer staff, they all share a commitment to home-cooked meals and a community-centric approach. This diverse group upholds the ethos of Wilf & Ada’s, a legacy established by its original owners, Wilf and Ada. Their combined efforts ensure the continuation of the restaurant’s long-standing tradition of warmth and hospitality, making it a beloved local destination.

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The food at Wilf & Ada’s is an homage to local suppliers and a celebration of flavors. With dishes like the Mariposa Duck Benedict, which artfully combines braised duck, carrot chutney, and homemade hollandaise sauce, the restaurant has become a culinary landmark for breakfast, brunch, and lunch in Ottawa. Each dish, whether it’s the spicy and vibrant Eggs in Purgatory or the comforting Buttermilk French Toast, tells a story of local produce and the hands that nurtured them.

Here are some of the popular dishes amongst customers:

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The Mariposa Duck Benedict ($24) offers a luxurious twist on a breakfast classic, featuring tender, braised duck and sweet, tangy carrot chutney, topped with perfectly poached eggs and a sprinkle of fresh thyme. Draped in a velvety homemade hollandaise sauce and complemented by a seared slice of apple for a crisp, sweet touch, this dish is a symphony of flavors and textures. It’s an indulgent culinary experience that elevates breakfast or brunch into a memorable feast.

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Buttermilk French Toast ($18), a breakfast delicacy combining golden-brown, buttermilk-soaked “Bread and Roses” egg bread with a delightful mixed berry and apple fruit crumble. This exquisite dish is enhanced by the sweet maple syrup from Alska Farms, adding depth to the vibrant fruit flavors. Topped with a light, airy dollop of freshly whipped cream, this French toast offers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, creating a luxurious and satisfying morning experience.

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The Eggs in Purgatory breakfast skillet ($21) features poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, enhanced with fresh arugula and the rich taste of Grana Padano cheese. It’s served with your choice of toast (sourdough featured in this dish) and tender home fries, creating a balance of fiery and comforting flavors in a dish that’s both delicious and visually appealing.

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Breakfast Tostadas ($23), featuring tender pulled pork and charred pineapple for a sweet and smoky flavor. The dish is further enhanced with zesty homemade salsa, tangy pickled onions, and spicy jalapeños, all atop a crispy corn tortilla. A drizzle of earthy dry chili sauce adds depth, while fresh cilantro brings a burst of herby freshness. The masterpiece is topped with a sunny-side-up egg, its runny yolk enriching the dish, creating a harmonious blend of bold flavors and diverse textures, perfect for a flavorful start to your day.

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Every dish served here is a medley of freshness and flavor, crafted from ingredients sourced with a commitment to supporting the local community.

The proteins, the heart of many dishes, come from the renowned Mariposa Farms, ensuring each bite is not only delicious but also ethically sourced. Bread and Roses Bakery, a staple in the community, provides the bread that complements every meal with its artisanal touch. The eggs, a key ingredient in many of their renowned breakfast dishes, are fresh from Bekings Farms, known for their quality and taste.

Coffee enthusiasts rejoice with each cup served, as it’s brewed using beans from Lulo, a local Ottawa business. You Can purchase Lulo Coffee next door at Arlington 5 which is a community favourite café. Even the syrup on your French toast has a story, sourced from “Alska Farms,” adding a touch of local sweetness to your morning. But the dedication doesn’t stop there – the jam, hot sauce, and almost everything else at Wilf & Ada’s is a showcase of local businesses. This isn’t just food; it’s a culinary journey through the best of Ottawa’s local fare.

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But it’s not just the food that makes Wilf & Ada’s special. It’s the experience of feeling at home, cared for, and part of a larger community. The casual setting, the eclectic music, and the emphasis on hospitality ensure that each visit is more than just a meal – it’s a gathering among friends.

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Wilf & Ada’s dedication to inclusivity extends beyond their decor. The restaurant ensures a welcoming environment for all. While reservations are not taken, the walk-in-only policy adds to the charm and spontaneity of the dining experience.

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Wilf & Ada’s has a seating capacity of 28, accommodating various dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their almost exclusive use of locally sourced ingredients, supporting small businesses and reducing their environmental footprint.

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As you sip on a coffee, or savor a bite of their Breakfast Tostadas, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re part of Wilf & Ada’s story – a story of community, sustainability, and a love for food that tastes like home. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Ottawa, Wilf & Ada’s invites you to be part of this story, one delicious bite at a time.

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Address of Restaurant: 510 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z4

Parking: Street parking

Closest Cross Streets: Bank St & Arlington Ave

Phone Number: 613 231 7959

Email of the restaurant: wilfandadas.gm@gmail.com

Name of owners:  Scott Mosey, Ian Walker

Opening Date: August 13, 2021 (been a diner for over 20 years though. Formerly known as Ada’s)

Opening hours: Monday 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, Tuesday-CLOSED, Wednesday 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, Thursday 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, Friday 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Sunday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Uber Eats (weekdays only): Order Wilf & Ada’s Delivery【Menu & Prices】| Ottawa | Uber Eats


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