Authentic Italian cuisine is a luxury in itself. Robust flavors, decadent combinations and all of the comfort of eating mama’s home cooking really create a dining experience like no other. Don’t settle for substitutes that don’t provide a genuinely Italian meal, not when there are these amazing spots to be found right here in Ottawa.

1). Giovanni’s Restaurant and Dining Lounge
362 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1S 4M7, Canada

Not sure where you want to go out to eat on your next date night? Giovanni’s provides the perfect romantic atmosphere and pairs it with not only indulgent dishes, but also an extensive wine list. Only the freshest ingredients and utmost care go into the preparation of the meal that you are guaranteed to enjoy as you bask in the beautiful ambience of Giovanni’s. Valet service lets you avoid the hassle of parking in Little Italy, so the top-notch service starts from the moment that you drive up!

2).  DiVino Wine Studio
225 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R1, Canada

Though DiVino’s focus is on wine, the authentic dishes composed of fresh ingredients and housemade noodles are sure to be just as big a hit. Traditional Italian fare is offered from their open kitchen and is enjoyed in a truly spectacular and upscale environment. Not only does DiVino offer these treats, but this restaurant is also host to cooking classes and unique wine pairing sessions that will help you become an expert in your own kitchen at home.

3). Vittoria Trattoria
35 William St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z9, Canada

Many lovers of Italian cuisine come to Vittoria Trattoria to enjoy unexpected takes on traditional dishes, and they don’t leave disappointed. Excellent wine pairings make any meal an event at this lovely and romantic Italian eatery. Pair the incredible quality of the dishes with the massive portion sizes that they are served to you in, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination for any meeting or date night!

4). Biagio’s Italian Kitchen
1394 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R8, Canada

In 1999, Biagio’s Italian Kitchen debuted and became one of the premier spots in the city of Ottawa for Italian dining enthusiasts. The comfortable environment, combined with reasonable prices, hearty portions and the feeling of being welcomed at your ma’s house. A casual dining environment that doesn’t skimp on class and top-notch service makes Biagio’s the perfect place to bring your family for any occasion-or just because it’s Wednesday.

5). Mamma Teresa
300 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K2P 2C2, Canada

Comforting, hearty and traditional Italian fare is brought to your table at Mamma Teresa Ristorante-a restaurant with its roots firmly placed in Parma, Italy. Since 1960, Mamma Teresa Boselli’s home-cooked meals have been brought to the plates of Ottawans, offering sublime dishes that truly cannot be competed with. Mamma Teresa embodies all that we love about Italian cuisine: big portions, rich flavors, comforting ambience and employees that treat you like you’re family.

6). North and Navy
226 Nepean St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0B8, Canada

North and Navy is the place to go if you want to arrange a private dining session for your next event, meeting or celebration. This fine Northern Italian eatery really dials up the service in every way, with amazing dishes, friendly staff and an ambience that will transport you to another place in time. For private dining, you can expect a real VIP treatment, with your own dedicated server, modern audio-visual equipment and a large space that seats up to forty. Vegetarian options are available upon request, and knowledgeable servers will help you to pair your entrée or appetizer with the perfect glass of wine.

7).  Flying Piggy’s Bistro Italiano
1665 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 6G1, Canada

This long-running eatery has been bringing traditional and rustic Italian fare to the people of Ottawa since 1997. This unpretentious casual dining joint offers a top-notch experience and delectable dishes without the heftier costs of fine dining, making it a tremendous local favorite for those who don’t want to empty their wallet to have an amazing meal. The homemade pasta is what many would call the highlight of Flying Piggy’s, but you can expect to find a great variety of options on the menu-from steak to snails and beyond!

8).  La Strada
697 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3T8, Canada

For over fifty years, La Strada has been catering to those in Ottawa with a love for Italian cuisine. This cozy restaurant serves up traditional Italian fare with impeccable service and exceptionally knowledgeable employees to help you if you have any questions at all. This eatery is upscale without being intimidating, cozy without being cramped, and bustling with energy, which will make you truly feel like you’re back home again.

9). Trattoria Caffe Italia
254 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R4, Canada

Trattoria Caffe Italia brings traditional and authentic cuisine loaded with the flavors and comfort of Italian cooking. An award-winning wine list and extensive menu makes this restaurant a spectacular place to go if you’re looking to try something new or unexpected during your next lunch or dinner outing. Trattoria Caffe Italia’s reputation for great food, too-notch service and excellent wine has persisted for over thirty years.