Fish and chips is tantalizing and crispy with a spicy aroma that excites the palate.

The dish may have been originated in Britain, it has become a staple meal in Ottawa.  If you love your fish and chips, you will certainly want it made in special ways to satisfy your taste buds. As much as home cooked meals are a great option, when you want to eat your fish and chips and hang out there are viable options to choose from across the city of Ottawa.

There is nothing as amazing as sharing a plate of delicious fish and chips with your friends or family in a spot with a great view. Here are the best fish and chips in Ottawa.

Cat’s Fish & Chips

319 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z5, Canada

This is a small seafood restaurant that comes with a cosy feeling, especially from its nautical-themed décor. They have a nice selection of fish on their menu including the Black Beard’s Halibut and the Cutlass Haddock which come with beer-battered or breaded fish served with tartar sauce while the Yeoman’s Pickerel is flour dusted, pan fried and topped with Mediterranean tomatoes. Other fish varieties served include salmon, cod, basa and tilapia. You can have your fish dish with Newfie chips which are freshly cut, seasoned with a turkey dressing and topped with a creamy gravy.

Merivale Fish Market
1480 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2E 6Z5, Canada

A nice seafood grill spot run by two brothers where you can enjoy a great option of fish and chips. They often have the ‘catch of the day’ which is the special fish on offer daily. However, you can still choose from the other varieties of fish including Wild Halibut, Tilapia, and Haddock, Salmon and Mackerel. Their servings include two pieces of fish, fresh cut fries, tartar sauce and homemade slaw. The fries and slaw can be substituted with Caesar, Garden or Sweet Chips. They also have takeout options.

Pelican Seafood Market and Grill

1500 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z2, Canada

Whether it is for a romantic dinner or a casual eat, Pelican Seafood Grill will thrill you with their amazing menus. They offer dinner, lunch, Sunday brunch and a fast takeout. Their Wild Halibut fish, Wild Haddock fish & chips comprises crispy beer battered fish with homemade coleslaw, fries and tartar sauce. You will find one plate very filling and you may even want to share a plate if you are not very hungry or between your younger children.

The Cheshire Cat Pub

2193 Richardson Side Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

If you like pub food, you will find Cheshire Cat Pub a delight. They are very popular with their fish and chips dishes. It is a family run business which uses locally sourced ingredients. On their pub specials menu, there is the pan-fried Lake Erie Pickerel which comes with Swiss chard, red onion sautés served with an asparagus risotto and lemon sauce which you can combine with a side of fries. The fish is not greasy and the batter comes light and their portion of fish and chips is quite large and filling.

Aulde Dubliner & Pour House

62 William St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7A3, Canada

This is a classic pub setting in the Byward market area. They serve dinner, lunch, and breakfast on their food menu. Their pub crafted fish and chips are made up of beer battered North Atlantic cod, their in-house tartar sauce and seasoned Yukon Gold French Fries according to the Irish cuisine tradition. You can also an extra piece of cod to your plate. Most customers find the fish and fries non-greasy and delicious but they don’t usually come with a side of coleslaw or Caesar.

Lieutenant’s Pump

361 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M9, Canada

Apart from the glitz and glamour of the bar at this British pub, they have a wide selection of finger foods, soups & salads, sandwiches, burgers and other vegetarian options on their menu. On the House Specialties menu, you will find the Creemore Springs Battered Cod Tails that comes with Champagne vinegar tartar sauce, fries, and celeriac coleslaw. There is also the Roasted Ginger Salmon with Ginger Soy Butter Sauce garnished with wild arugula and diced pepper. You can also experiment with the ‘catch of the day’ as chosen by the chef.

The Whalesbone

430 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y8, Canada

This small brick-walled restaurant offers nice seafood options. They are mostly famous for their oysters’ dishes in all their six restaurants across the city of Ottawa. You can find fish and chips on their lunch menu which is made up of pacific cod, tartar sauce, lemon, pickled onion, and slaw. It is possible to have other fish choices such as haddock, tuna, and salmon according to what is available on the particular day you visit. Their fries are also well fried and not soggy.

Peter Devine’s

73 Clarence Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 5P5, Canada

It is a traditional Irish pub setting with bar chops and other full menu options for lunch and dinner. There is a patio seating during warmer months and an interesting nightlife scene. They pride themselves on having an award-winning house-crafted fish and chips on their menu. Enjoy your order with beer battered North Atlantic cod, the in-house tartar sauce, and Yukon golden French fries.

Bowman’s Bar & Grill

1170 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K6, Canada

This is a regular bar and grill with casual eats including sandwiches, soups & salads and options for sharing a dish on the menu. As part of their entrees options, there is fish and chips which comprise fresh-cut fries, beer-battered cod, tartar sauce and grilled lemon. There is also an option to add an additional fish piece to your food. You can also switch the cod with smelts which are a regular favourite amongst customers.

Lapointe Seafood Grill Café

55 York Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 9B8

This seafood grill offers a cosy atmosphere to enjoy your dining experience. During winter, you can keep warm seated around the fireplace. You can also enjoy the cool breeze on their licensed patio during the summer months. All their meals are made from scratch. Their fish and chips are made with fresh-cut fries and served with coleslaw, tartar sauce, and lemon. You can choose your fish from their selections including haddock, pickerel, and cod.

The Fish Market

54 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5T1, Canada

Located in the heart of Byward Market, there is a lot of fish everywhere on their menu. Therefore, it is no wonder they serve amazing fish and chips. You can get creative with your order by choosing one of the fish fillets instead of the traditional fish and chips. Some other fish choices include Halibut fillet, Smoked Salmon fillet, Yellow Fin Tuna Steak among others. For the basic chips and fries, enjoy Halibut fish and chips served in a classic English style batter, tartar sauce, and fresh cut fries.