Tucked in strategic locations across the sprawling capital city of Canada, Ottawa, are amazing coffee houses and cafes that brew the best kinds of coffees that would put a blast of sunshine to a dreary day, add a spring to your sluggish steps and delight your taste buds.

When it comes to finding the best cup of joe in the city, whether you are a lover of cappuccinos, latte or even expressos, you will be spoilt for choice. Here are the best coffees in Ottawa;

Happy Goat Coffee Company

Happy Goat Coffee works with local coffee farmers across the continents to produce niche coffees that are distinct in quality. The company produces a dynamic range of 15 coffee blends. You can easily buy a packet for a thrilling experience or visit retail shops that brew Happy Goat Coffees.

The Ministry of Coffee

Housed in cozy spaces in the city, the Ministry of Coffee cafes give you a home-away-from-home experience. You can sit across friends on a table and enjoy your coffee amidst robust conversation or you can have a quiet time savoring your coffee alone on the stools. They rotate different blends of coffee so you are bound to meet with a surprise on each new visit.

Blumen Studio

With the uncommon setting of floral beauty, Blumen Studio is a unique café to have that unforgettable experience. Their café crema has a distinct taste that is hard to replicate anywhere else. It is whispered that the secret of their incredible espresso comes from the special Rufino espresso beans.

Morning Owl Coffeehouse

With six branches of coffeehouses across the city, Morning Owl is one of the most popular coffeehouses in Ottawa especially downtown. They feature organic, direct trade coffee in a lively environment where warm staff will attend to you with all cheeriness. You will find their Café Americano an absolute delight. Their pastries are also part of their central appeal to coffee junkies in the city.


Bridgehead cafes are highly reputed for being the custodian of perfectly brewed coffees. They take the art of brewing coffee seriously and offer customers the freshest coffee. You get to choose your coffee according to the seasonal origin, year-round or single farm microlots blends in addition to having a say on the roast type; from medium to dark and very dark.

I Deal Coffee

If you are looking for a quaint coffeehouse without the usual pretentiousness of modern shops, this is the place for you. With your coffee served in unique mugs, it feels more than ordinary and custom brewed just for you.  You can also buy a packet of the uniquely roasted coffees as a take-home delight.

Morala Specialty Coffee

For that nice Latin American themed coffee experience, Morala Specialty café is your one stop destination in Ottawa. The coffee feels homemade and handmade just to meet your personal preference. There are also varieties of unique snacks such as empanadas, panini and Argentinian alfajores that you will not likely find somewhere else.

Joe The Dog Coffee

For the coffee and dog lover, you would find the dog-themed coffee blends offered interesting. The blends are produced with your peculiar tastes in mind. Bad Dog will give you a smoked, woody roast combined with just the right tinge of fruits and the Best in Show, offers one of the most enjoyable espressos.

Café Cristal

This French café gives you a dynamic touch of Paris in Ottawa. Its picturesque décor and soothing music will put you in just the right mood to enjoy your coffee alone or with friends and family. In combination with their café Americanos and lattes, their unique croissants, waffles and crepes are awesome delights. All these is topped with an excellent warm service.

Arlington Five

Here you can have it all: the exquisite, glamorous yet simple setting, the premium qualify coffee and the friendly service. Their lattes are utterly wonderful and will have you returning for a repeated experience. At Arlington Five, you will find that Decaf does not have to taste like paper, it can taste just as divine as the real deal.

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