For a lot of us, maintaining a certain level of physical fitness is essential to our overall health and quality of life. While some are perfectly content with their at-home gyms and moderate equipment, some serious fitness fans want to make use of the resources and equipment that is available at Ottawa’s many fitness clubs. From standard gear to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, these gyms and fitness centers have everything that you’ll need to get lean, toned and feel your very best.

1). Elgin Fitness
200 Cooper St #6, Ottawa, ON K2P 0G1, Canada

This ultra-modern and all-inclusive fitness club has everything that you could ever want to reach and maintain a better level of physical wellness. From top-of-the-line exercise gear to specialized classes and personal trainers who will work with you to obtain your goals, this family-owned gym is dedicated to bringing out the best version of you possible-without the pressure and anxiety that you might experience at other gyms.

2). Ottawa Athletic Club
2525 Lancaster Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 4L5, Canada

At Ottawa Athletic Club, they understand that fitness isn’t just about the strength that’s behind your muscles. It’s about flexibility, endurance and stamina, too. And they have everything that you could ever dream of to help you increase all of these things for your healthiest body yet.

3). Free Form Fitness Wellington West
1198 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y, Canada

Free Form Fitness on Wellington Street West isn’t “just” a fitness club. It’s a place that caters to the entirety of YOU. Their approach to wellness focuses not only on getting your body moving and challenging your unique limitations, but also helping you to make the best choices outside of their gym as well. With a focus on nutrition and accountability, the personal training sessions offered at Free Form Fitness will transform not just your body-but your life, too.

4). Movati Athletic Kanata
19 Frank Nighbor Pl, Ottawa, ON K2V 0B2, Canada

From early morning to late at night, Movati Athletic Kanata is here to help you achieve spectacular results in an environment that isn’t intimidating or high-pressure. Work one-on-one with a personal trainer or sign up for group fitness classes-or just work out on your own! The staff at Movati Athletic Kanata understand that there is no one “right” way to get fit, and they want to help you achieve the results that you want, in a way that best suits you.

5). KRX Fitness
180 METCALFE ST., Suite 104, Ottawa, ON K2P 1P5, Canada

Getting in touch with a personal trainer doesn’t have to be a nail-biting, anxiety-driven process. While it certainly sounds potentially intimidating, the physical fitness experts at KRX Fitness know how to work with you for the best results, and at a pace that benefits you. Individuals of all fitness levels are welcome at this client-prioritizing fitness club.

6). True Form Health and Fitness
384 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y4, Canada

This accessible location on Bank Street has an arsenal of top-of-the-line workout equipment that is sure to meet your every need when it comes to improving the overall health and fitness of your body. From early in the morning through the very latest hours of the night, this fitness club offers an exceptional exercise environment, supportive staff and personal trainers who will work hard with you to achieve your goals.

7). Orangetheory Fitness
1001 Dazé St, Ottawa, ON K1V 2G3, Canada

Clients of the Ottawa location of this popular fitness club praise Orangetheory Fitness for being more than a workout for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. Let the experienced personal trainers work on amping up your motivation, or work out on your own at one of this gym’s many modern and effective facilities. A wide variety of equipment and classes are available, so you can change things up and avoid your exercise routine feeling anything but.
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