Golf is a game long associated with social elites and a certain degree of decorum, and that hasn’t changed much. However, golf isn’t just a sport for the “elite” anymore. From public to private courses, there are many spots in Ottawa that offer the highest caliber of quality while helping you to work on your game. From challenging courses with expertly-laid sand traps and water hazards, to specialized training by expert golfers, there is no reason for a golf enthusiast not to check out what the Ottawa region has to offer.

Tournaments, clinics and stunning club houses are what you can look forward to when you choose these six Ottawa golf and country clubs for your next tee time.

1). Loch March Golf & Country Club
1755 Old Carp Rd, Kanata, ON K2K 1X7, Canada

The scenic location of Loch March in Kanata lends itself as not only a fantastic way to get out and golf, but also as a beautiful venue for your next big event. The clean and overall incredibly appealing facilities draw in golfers from all around the Ottawa area, especially those with discriminating tastes. This 4.5-star golf course offers not only a great place to tee off at the beginning of your day, but lessons that will help you hone your game! Golf is serious business at Loch March, and the impeccable upkeep at this stunning golf course and country club will show it from the very first moment that you step out onto the green.

2). White Sands Golf Course & Training Centre
1705 St Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1C 7L1, Canada

White Sands is the premier training and practice facility, with a perfectly manicured fairway and chipping/putting green to help you work on your game at any point in the course! If you are looking for a place to work on your skills without all of the frills that you might find at other country clubs and golf courses, look no further. White Sands is all about helping you to improve your game, and have fun while doing it. The 9-hole course offered here is a challenge even for seasoned golfers, with expertly placed sand traps and water hazards to keep things interesting. If you aren’t looking for the “posh” experience and just want a beautiful, scenic and well-maintained course to work on the details of your game, White Sands is the place to be.

3). Royal Ottawa Golf Club
1405 Alymer Road, Gatineau, QC J9H 7L2, Canada

This private golf club was founded in 1891, and has since provided a premier service for golf enthusiasts throughout the Ottawa region. Before or after you hit the fairway, stop in to the club itself to have a spectacular brunch-you definitely don’t want to miss out! Since its founding, Royal Ottawa Golf Club has brought about the Who’s Who of the region, as well as those who insist on nothing but the highest-quality service possible. The 18-hole course at Royal Ottawa is a unique challenge for golfers, as the course itself has been designed as a championship-style trial of your skills.

4). Stonebridge Golf Club
68 Hawktree Ridge, Nepean, ON K2J 5N3, Canada

As those with a specific taste know, the appearance of the golf course and the club’s house are a huge factor in the enjoyment of the place. Stonebridge has left no stone unturned, so to speak, in the impeccable décor of their 18-hole championship-style course. Stonebridge is known as the finest of the public golf clubs present in the Ottawa area, and for good reason! Since May 2001, 180 acres have been expertly cultivated and groomed to fashion a top-notch golfing facility that rivals even the poshest of private clubs.

5). Emerald Links Golf and Country Club
6357 Emerald Links Dr, Ottawa City, ON K4P 1M4, Canada

Emerald Links is all about golf-all of the time. Professional training services and clinics are available courtesy of the Ottawa Golf Academy, and your instructors are bound to be some of the most qualified in the business! For both children and adults, Emerald Links offers training to help anybody of any age hone their skill set and bring their sharpest game to the fairway! Tournaments are also hosted at this premier golf course, so that you can show off your game in a battle of the fairway-in impeccable style, of course.

6). Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club
1 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1B9, Canada

This private golf and curling club has been attracting the Who’s Who of the scene since 1908. The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club is considered by many to be a local landmark for its breathtaking scenery and world-renowned, high-class atmosphere. The detail-oriented cultivation of the club’s golf course has made it not only a beautiful place to tee off, but also a great challenge for even experienced golfers looking for a competitive game or to sharpen their skills.
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